Invited lecturers

We are very pleased to announce that the following scholars have already confirmed their participation as lecturers to the DH Summer School Switzerland (by alphabetical order):

  • Prof. David Berry

David Berry is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at the Swansea University. He is author of The philosophy of software and editor of the recent Understanding Digital Humanities.

  • Prof. Frédéric Kaplan 

Frédéric Kaplan is Professor for Digital Humanities and Director of the Digital Humanities Lab at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne. He is author of several books on machine learning and human-machine interactions. A sample of his DH related activities is available via his course blog DH101.

  • Prof. Claire Lemercier

Claire Lemercier is Lecturer in Quantitative History and Historical Sociology at SciencePo Paris and Senior research fellow at the Centre de sociologie des organisation (CNRS).  She also runs a Workshop on Quantitative Methods in History at the EHESS and maintains the dedicated website Quanti IHMC. She is author of various books and articles on Quantitative Methods and Network Analysis.

  • Prof. Susanne Schreibmann

Susanne Schreibmann is Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities at the Trinity College Dublin. She is co-editor of Blackwell’s Companion to Digital Humanities and Companion to Digital Literary Studies, as well as founding editor of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

  • Prof. Ray Siemens

Ray Siemens is Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria (CA), as well as director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. He is co-editor of several books about Digital Humanities, among them the Blackwell’s Companion to Digital Humanities and Companion to Digital Literary Studies.

  • Prof. Elena Pierazzo

Elena Pierazzo is Lecturer in Digital Humanities at King’s College London and program director of King’s College’s Master in Digital Humanities. She is also chair of the TEI Manuscripts special interest group.


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