[Workshop] An introduction to R (Yannick Rochat)

Initially designed for statistical analysis, R has become a reference tool for research in human and social sciences as well as in life or hard sciences. Thanks to a system of libraries which carry additional functionalities, the use of R has become frequent in digital humanities: data processing, analysis and visualisation, network analysis, natural language processing, etc. (For example : http://humanitiesdata.org/)
The objectives of this workshop are:
  • to understand what R is,
  • to be able to execute code (examples will be provided in a notebook at the beginning of the workshop),
  • to get an overview R functionalities that are relevant for research in human sciences,
  • to know when R can or should be used,
  • to know where to find resources to pursue the learning of R or to solve problems.
In order for everything to work properly, it is essential to install RStudio beforehand on your machine. If the installation doesn’t work, ask someone at your University, or come to the workshop a bit earlier.

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