Digital Textual Editing

Collaborative notes taken by paricipants of the DH Summer School Switzerland:

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Tutorial/Workshop Session 1: Elena Pierazzo (@epierazzo) : Digital Textual Editing    [notes by @railyards ]

Framapad-Tutorial Elena Pierazzo

15 minutes theory to introduce XML and TEI.<== Did it work ? yes ! \o/
Tool used is – 30 days free trial available
– TEI, a standard for text encoding.
<TEI xmlns=”“>
  • <teiHeader>
  • </teiHeader>
  • <text>
  • </text>
Other types of elements, with different “functions”: <sourceDoc>, etc…  See
Metamark : indications written in the text.
Gap : when there is something we can’t transcribe (read). For instance, <gap unit=”chars” extent=”1″ reason=”covered with ink”/> means “there is something we can’t read that is 1 character long and we can’t read it because it is covered with ink
Class is divided in two: Beginners and intermediate. Both group must transcribe a manuscript by Austen, dealing with special chars, etc.