Zotero and Citation Management Softwares

Collaborative notes taken by paricipants of the DH Summer School Switzerland:

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Tutorial/Workshop Session 1: Nicolas Chachereau(@nchachereau): Zotero and Citation Management Softwares

[notes by @twinkling_sheep here]

– introductions of everyone here (very nice group of diverse people!)
– demonstration of the manual pitfalls of referencing by hand as opposed to the ease of Zotero in footnotes
– discussion of some of the other reference options
A List of Possible Citation Sources
  • – Endnote is well-known (license is offered in many universities (i.e. standard in Lausanne) but as soon as you leave university you have to pay for upgrades): http://endnote.com
  • – Citavi (free if you have less than 100 references – not very useful for a dissertation): http://citavi.com
Why Zotero?
– easier than endnote?
– free and centralized
– reference to Mendeley’s comparis: http://www.mendeley.com/compare-mendeley/
– problematic with Ipads
– way of collecting, organizing, citing, synchronizing, and collaborating
– also free for downloading
– accessible both online and on laptop (can sync) although pdfs won’t be available
  • — additional storage space can be bought, but you can also hyperlink to jstor articles etc.
– two versions of Zotero: one is a stand-alone; the other is a firefox extension.  Recommended that you use Firefox extension version, esp as you can link it to the way you search and because it was originally designed for Firefox (nevertheless i have downloaded it to Safari).  But it is equally possible to do it through Safari.
– personal downloading tutorial ensues 🙂
Once downloading is complete, we go to tiny.cc/CHDH-Zotero and the “real” tutorial begins!
– open Zotero application, which should install the extension directly onto your browser (so you click the icon to save the reference) –> must also install the browser extension
Some tips:
– sometimes when you click, the entry might appear in lowercase (or similar): you can right-click, transform text, and then change the title case or sentence case so that things will get capitalized automatically
– manual additions possible: click green “+” and add entries automatically
– Zotero isn’t the ideal method for citing archives/manuscript
– when you save off browser, it’ll automatically download the pdf as well
– make changes to  entries as you go along (make sure your import looks like and represents what you’ve imported)
Troubleshooting: the option to save the snapshot from Zotero is not available automatically on Safari (only on Firefox).  To do so, right-click anywhere on the screen and press “Save Zotero Snapshot from Current Page”
 Adding a citation to Word (as footnote):
1) – click Zotero insert citation button (r.”z) (not ideal for MLA style [discovered from experimentation])
2) – choose style
Note: Zotero.org/styles – can download styles from Zotero from here
3) – click on book of choice that shows up in library of references
4) click on bubble that appears after selecting book  and add page information
– can add footnote as well in MLA-style
–> select footnote from insert menu, then put in additional information to “prefix” or suffix option (no word limit)
– possible to export Endnote library with formatting etc.
* wiki on Zotero page that gives all information about this (in English)
– export to RIS and then import to zotero (double check when internet goes back up)
Suggestions from Experts 
– go to Zotero website and create an online account: then create login and password to synch data
– Back up Zotero library all the time!!
–  go to “Preferences” in Zotero, advanced tab, and create a dissertation file (or whatever the title of your research project) so that it doesn’t get lost in the random mozilla or safari file.
– use “tags” to organize bibliography (tags will appear in hyperlinked words at bottom of Zotero)
Note: import from library catalogue: will create tags as a default (you can get
rid of it by going to general preferences and dis/enable that feature.
To create a bibliography without making it a citation
1) select references
2) right click on selections and select “Create bibliography from item”
3) choose style (MLA, ALA, Chicago, etc)
4) choose output mode (i.e. copy to clipboard if you’re making it into bibliography on word document, and copy/paste into word doc)
– can cite from Zotero in an email:
option 1 – drag and drop
option 2 – same as above for creating bibliography
 thank YOU for contributing! (keep it up)