Collaborative notes taken by paricipants of the DH Summer School Switzerland:

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F121 Visualization

 The Swiss Society of History&Informatic proposes a call for paper in visualization : (German) (French)
 Questionning the order of paragraphs in the call, why to put visualization before methodology ?
 Visualization: what’s the difference between “technic” and “method” ? Scholars are not supposed to talk about technic, but in fact if we don’t masterize the technic, it’s not possible to elaborate methods.
 distinction: visualization as a means of exploration — visualization as a means of communication — blended: visualization as a means to allow exploration (visual online application)
 exploration: the possibility to dive into the data (–> qualitative analysis) right from the visualization is very desirable
 (good) visualizations allow engagement with the public, create publicity


 how dance might be visualized: (visualization as a means of communication)
 actor analysis: (using a gephi plugin)