DH Curriculum

Collaborative notes taken by paricipants of the DH Summer School Switzerland:

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F-121 DH curriculum

– How to teach DH ?
– What course would we have to attend during our studies to be good DHers today ?
– Bridging the gap : what content in courses?
– DHes as brokers, coordinators between disciplinary experts
– Should we teach DH or should we teach “digital” inside the disciplines ?
– Or should we teach DH or teach “humanities ” for computer scientists, information scientists… ?
Beware : computer scientists are problem solvers, not “just coders”!
Interesting : Among participants, how many have taken a programme in DH ?
On a conceptual level, we should focus on methodologies, ways of thinking.. Find a way of thinking “technology*
Teach a way of thinking / mentality (methodology, modelling), not the use of specific tools. Also focus on how technology impacts your research practices.
Digital humanities will disappear when it will be comoin to use the current tools. When every humanistis feels confortable with new tech / news tools, what will DH be?
Who are our ideal co-workers? Experts in one (and just one) domain? Experts in more than one domains? Both models can work; different project cultures coexist. Another dependency: availability of experts (IT staff that is passionate enough about  e.g. text modification to do it at moderate salaries is scarce). A developer is not a digital humanist, he is a technician. A digital humanist would be a kind of translator between IT and humanists. Computer science is about certainty (yes/no), whereas humanities are about incertainaty (eg. “Yes, maybe in this particular context it is positive at 70-80%”).
Expectations for a crash course of programming for humanists :
– Learn to work with texts (this would be a course for people working with texts)
– This is not necessary to separate disciplines
slides of a DH 2012 talk on a DH reference curriculum: http://de.slideshare.net/infoclio/prof-m-thaller-universitt-kln (contains list of current DH standards)
we need a digitatal humanities manual for dummies
l’umanista digitale è un ornitorinco!
what to learn? we need a guideline