Wednesday 26 June Thursday 27 June
0900-1030  [Course] Elena Pierazzo, Digital Textual Editing
1030-1100  Coffee break
1100-1230  [Course] Ray Siemens, Social Knowledge Construction and Creation in Literary Studies Environments
1230-1345  Arrival / Registration  Lunch Break
1345-1515  Organizers speeches [30 min.] + [Opening lecture] [45min]Ray Siemens: Understanding and Responding to (Inter)Disciplinary Change  [Course] David Berry, DH and cultural criticism
1515-1545  Coffee break  Coffee break
1545-1715  [Course] Susan Schreibman, History and  future of DH
[Tutorial] Pierazzo [Tutorial] Siemens [Tutorial] Berry [Tutorial] Bibliographic softwares
1730-1815  [1715-1800] Workshops presentations  [1730-1930] Participants Project Slam
2000-2130  Dinner & Social Evening @ Haus der Universtät
Friday 28 June Saturday 29 June
0900-1030  [Course] Claire Lemercier, Quantitative methodology & Network analysis Mini-unconference
1030-1100  Coffee break
[Tutorial] Lemercier [Tutorial] Schreibman [Tutorial] Multimedia Literacies and SALSAH [Tutorial] TEI and Musicology
1230-1345  Lunch Break  Concluding Pic-Nic [12h30-15h30]
1345-1515  [Course] Frédéric Kaplan, Time Machines
1515-1545  Coffee break
[Tutorial] Kaplan [Tutorial] Source criticism [Tutorial] Interpretation of Digital Records [Tutorial] Introduction to GEPHI
1730-1815  Mini-unconference planning session
2000-2130  Informal Social Evening